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About Us


Amir Nachumi

GlassCeraX is managed by B.G. (res.) Amir Nachumi a former vice chief of the Israeli Air Force, and CEO of Triphase Technologies Ltd.., an investment company. Amir Nachumi has a B.Sc. in Chemistry, which he earned with distinction from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Mr. Nachumi has an MBA degree with honors from the Tel Aviv University as well. amir@glasscerax.com

Dr. Alexander Raichel

The Company's technology was discovered by Dr. Alexander Raichel. Dr. Raichel, who is also the company's production manager as well as its R&D chief scientist, has earned his Ph.D. from the Moscow Chemical Engineering Institute. With 24 years of practical research experience, Dr. Raichel has 40 patents and has published more than 195 articles on glass ceramics. alex@glasscerax.com

Doron Cohen

The company's Marketing Manager, Doron Cohen, is a veteran of Israel's Security Community. After more than 20 years of operational service, he joined Israel Military Industries, where he was a marketing manager for the Small Arms Division, gaining vast experience and knowledge in the security business doron@glasscerax.com